Friday, May 1, 2009


Beaches, fauna, flora and an unspoiled environment in this isolated nook protected from the hectic world. Endemic tropical nature close to the Bahamas Channel, and an excellent hotel facility built like an old Spanish town, guarantee full enjoyment with no buts about it.

The coral reef, at a depth of 10-30 meters and over 10 km long, has such an abundance of fish that dives might believe they are in an aquarium. This site is practically unmatched in the world. Large shoals Of tarpon (Megalops atlantica), jacks (Trachynotus sp.), spadefish (Chartodipterus faber), big snappers (Lutianus sp.), groupers (Epinephelus sp.), sharks and barracudas provide a special attraction to the diving activities the Coco Diving Center has in store just for you.
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