Friday, April 16, 2010



In addition to the natural beauty offered by Cayo Coco’s beaches and lagoons, there are a number of activities to enjoy at the tourist resorts. The Melia Cayo Coco presents shows every night, accompanied by animators who ensure that all the guests are involved. Next door, a nightclub puts on events for people from all the nearby resorts. The resorts also boast world-class restaurants, with cuisine from all over the world.
Day trips are also a great idea from Cayo Coco. One of the most interesting is a sugar mill visit, where tourists can opt for a speed boat ride across one of the fresh water lakes and through a mangrove swamp on their way to a tour of one of the local sugar mills. Other attractions to see along the way include a visit to a crocodile farm, a traditional meal surrounded by palm trees, and a steam train ride through the cane fields.

Cayo Coco’s barrier reef is the second largest in the world, and an incredible sight to see. Snorkelling excursions are a great way to enjoy this underwater wonder, taking visitors right up to the fish, coral, and underwater plants. Snorkelling can also be enjoyed in the fresh water lakes, allowing you to see different varieties of the region’s colourful fish species.
One of the most interesting things to see is back on the mainland. Cuba’s largest lake, the Laguna de Leche, or Lake of Milk, has a white, milky appearance due to underwater lime deposits.

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