Monday, January 31, 2011


Cayo Coco Beach in Cuba

 Cayo Coco Vacations All inclusive

All-inclusive Cayo Coco vacations offer stunning Cuban beaches, warm Caribbean waters, sunshine, and serenity. Apart from the all-inclusive Cayo Coco vacation resorts, there is little else on the island, located off the northern coast of Cuba, to be explored apart from the natural beauty of this paradise-like destination. Cayo Coco vacations are simply built around the comforts of an all-inclusive resort, and the natural beauty of this beach-lover's paradise. Whereas many sun destinations feature opportunities to discover new and interesting cultural delights, all-inclusive Cayo Coco vacations present the opportunity to discover the outstanding aquatic life beneath the beautiful surrounding waters. Avid divers, snorkelers, and anyone in need of pure relaxation will definitely appreciate an all-inclusive Cayo Coco package holiday.
Cayo Coco in Cuba.Image via WikipediaGetting to an all-inclusive Cayo Coco vacation resort is much easier in recent years, as flights to mainland Cuba are no longer necessary – there is an airport in Cayo Coco, right on the island. Once there, tourists will appreciate the large, sprawling, all-inclusive Cayo Coco vacation resorts. All-inclusive Cayo Coco vacation hotels are typically low to 5-storey structures on big properties, beautifully manicured to include transplanted palm trees that are not typical of the surrounding mangrove. All of the Cayo Coco vacation resorts are all-inclusive, and offer fantastic value. In larger resorts, single occupancy supplement is low, making Cayo Coco a great destination for singles as well as couples, families, and real beach lovers.  
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